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With more and more people competing for fewer and fewer positions, employers are looking for candidates who standout from the crowd, and who make selecting the "perfect fit" an easier and quicker process.

The MD/Self is the simple, fast, insightful and inexpensive way to set yourself apart, and bring your resume to the attention of multiple employers!

Added Value
Many individuals use their MD/Self reports to learn more about themselves. With the insight of knowing how you are likely to be perceived by employers (and fellow workers) you can build on your strengths (and improve on any apparent weaknesses).

One Time, Low Price To Impress Multiple Employers!
Complete the quick (in as few as 12 minutes) Yes or No answers to the MD/Self's easy to follow questions. You will receive an immediate, reliable third-party evaluation of your key work-related attitudes. All you have to do is complete the questionnaire and pay the low one time fee. No matter how many times you attach a MD/Self Evaluation to your resume -- as a hard copy or electronic link -- it's the same, low, one-time price of just $9.95.

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